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Below are some first steps to consider when publishing a book.

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Get your manuscript ready.

Whatever size book you're aiming to create, it's very important that your manuscript is ready to be placed and typeset onto each page. This would include proofreading the text for any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors which you can either do yourself or have a professional proofreader look at it.

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Cover Design.

As the saying goes, "Presentation is everything." Having a good cover design is essential for your book to sell. Perhaps you have a particular idea in mind, or an image you want to use - or maybe, you haven't really thought about this part. Either way, this is one of the initial steps that should be done so you can begin promoting your book to your audience.

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Jesus Christ, Son of God, Son of Man-fro
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The last stage of putting a book together is typesetting. This is the process of taking your finished, proofed, ready to go manuscript and laying it out onto the pages. This part can take some time depending on how large your book is.

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Small book


0-100 pages

Up to 45,000 words approx.

£175 Typesetting

£150 Cover Design

£50 ebook conversion (optional)

from £325

Medium book


100-250 pages

Up to 100,000 words approx.

£275 Typesetting

£150 Cover Design

£60 ebook conversion (optional)

from £485

Large book


250+ pages

Up to 200,000 words approx.

from £375 Typesetting

£150 Cover Design

£75 ebook conversion (optional)

from £525

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